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Ask Your Denver Car Repair Shop These Questions   by Nick Messe

in Autos    (submitted 2009-09-02)

Questions When Looking for a Denver Car Repair Shop

Finding a reliable Denver or Littleton car repair shop can be difficult. So many auto repair shops these days cut corners when it comes to service and qualifications. Here are some questions you should ask any shop you are considering using.

1. Do they have "trained" technicians?

Always look for a Denver car repair shop that has service personnel who have previously worked at dealerships or dealer repair shops. Make sure the shop has a core staff of experienced people who have been doing car repair for at least 15 years.

2. Are technical certificates and awards important?

Yes it is important that technicians have had formal training because this indicates they are serious about advancing their understanding of current technologies. Always look for certificates displayed in their service area along with A.S.E. (Automotive Service Excellence) awards. In Colorado it is also important to have IM240 Clean Air Colorado certificates for repairs on emission systems.

3. Will using this repair shop void your factory or extended warranties?

Generally your warranties require you to keep your vehicle maintained according to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule. It is not necessary to use a dealer for this, although it is important to use a competent and licensed repair shop. Most full service auto repair shops can do regular maintenance work without having an effect on your warranty.

4. Do you need an appointment to have your car serviced at the shop?

Most car repair shops require you to make an appointment to have servicing done. As with most services, this makes scheduling and staffing possible, and ensures you will have your vehicle in the service shop for the shortest possible time. For emergency work a customer-oriented auto repair shop should be able to make an exception and fit you in without an appointment, if at all possible.

5. Can you book an appointment online?

Many people have become used to booking appointments online without actually having to talk to anyone. This makes it possible to book an appointment at any time of the night or day, without having to make a phone call. If this feature is important to you, ask about it when researching different shops.

6. Does this repair shop provide transportation?

Getting to and from the repair shop to drop off and pick up your vehicle can be a major inconvenience. So it is very handy when your repair shop provides a shuttle service to take you where you need to go. There is at least one Denver repair shop that provides a rental car at no charge for some repairs.

7. Does this repair shop offer a free inspection of your vehicle to determine if it has problems

In many similar businesses the concept of the "free inspection" or "free consultation" is becoming popular. Many lawyers, for example, will offer a free consultation if you have a legal problem. This practice is becoming more popular in the auto repair business, but there are shops that make it available. In fact the same Denver auto repair shop that will sometimes provide a free rental car will also provide a preliminary inspection of your vehicle at no charge.