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Car Service Is Essential for All Cars to Have a Prolonged Life   by Jhnotyharrison

in Autos / Cars    (submitted 2013-02-21)

Car servicing is something that is required by every vehicle owner and it should be done at least once in a year in order to ensure safety and security. It is the best option to send your vehicle at the car service centers and get the servicing work done methodically. If possible make sure that you get its serviced within every 6 months. This can enhance the life of the car along with a proper maintenance.

Car servicing is a simple job and if you have enough time in hand then you can also conduct it easily which can help you to save a lot of money. Some resources for car servicing are stated below:

The term car service means inspecting the car thoroughly for checking damaged parts and changing it with some new parts as per the requirements. The brake fluid levels, oil filters, wheel balancing, alignments, air filters are some of the common parts that are inspected thoroughly.

A complete car tool kit will be required that is generally provided by the car makers while purchasing the vehicle. It generally consists of several of spanners that one might need during the car service.

It is also required to have the exact grade of engine oil which needs to be replaced after travelling every 5000 miles. The figure changes as per the make and type of the car. You can get to know the details of the engine oil needed by your from the car manual.

A typical car servicing includes the following steps:

* Use a jack to host the car in order to check its underbody which is done to know whether any damage persists or not in the body of the vehicle.

* After this, replace the engine oil by lowering the car. Do not fill more than the dipstick.

* Unscrew the spark plugs and clean it periodically with a soft cloth. Clean the air filters with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

There are several other points that you need to follow from a complete car service and you can get them from the online websites.

Used cars are not always considered as scrap metals and if they are in good condition then you can resale it for a good sum of money. Sometimes people sell their used cars just in order to drive in a brand new model or to save the expenses on cars. This sometimes led to selling of used cars in brand new conditions and if you can strike one such deal then obviously you will able to enjoy a profitable trade. Generally, people nowadays sold their used cars to car dealers and manufacturers who repair it like a brand new car and further sold it to clients by imposing the original price, taxes and their commissions.