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Car Servicing: Getting the Best Deal   by Ken Davids

in Autos / Maintenance and Repair    (submitted 2010-02-11)

Car servicing is and will forever be a necessary nuisance. Vehicles, just like any other machine, have to be serviced regularly - this not only does this ensure that they don't breakdown, but also helps to keep safe both drivers and pedestrians alike. Historically the options available to car owners had in terms of who was allowed to service their vehicle was very minute.

All you had to do - it seemed - to void your car's warranty was think about taking it to an independent garage. This was because car manufacturers were controlling the industry and had only their own welfare in mind. It was they that dictated who you could take your car to in order to have it serviced and it was they that then allowed these corporate garages to set prices at anything they wished. All technical information relating to their vehicles was exclusively shared their garages and their garages along - no other person could repair them because of this.

Fortunately, this system changed in Britain in 2003 when the Block Exemption Regulations became a part of British law. With these rules in place car manufacturers are required by law to share technical information with the independent markets. In essence this means that any garage is now able to service vehicles and the warranty will still be valid.

With the introduction of the Block Exemption Regulations car manufacturers quickly discovered that they were unable to control the prices of vehicle servicing because, with the independent garages entering the scene, prices had to be competitive.

Seven years later and things have improved even more for motorists as many internet based companies have been set up over the years, leading to more competition and therefore lower prices.

It has always been a fact that people loathe being told they have to spend their cash. The blood truly boils even more once they're told what they must to spend it on. After all, there are many more exciting things to spend money on, rather than vehicle servicing - ice-cream for example.

Nevertheless, it's a fact that we have to have our cars serviced. The one saving grace is that thanks to the Block Exemption Regulations, the prices aren't as extortionate as they could and have been.

Consumers are now able to shop around for the best deal available - they don't have to put up with the car manufacturers trying to take part in a little day-light robbery, like they used to in the past.

One of the cheapest ways to get your car serviced it to go online.