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Cooking Course In Tuscany   by Giulio Detti

in Food    (submitted 2008-03-28)

Expect all your senses to go into overdrive when you get a taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

Spaghetti, lasagna and pizza are three signature dishes in Italian cuisine and are greatly enjoyed by people all over the world.

A good tourist destination must have a unique offering of food and ingredients. Food tourism is a prime attraction when going places and is becoming more popular than ever. Tourists no longer only want to experience the sights and sounds but want a gratifying experience for the taste buds as well. But now, staples of different nations are being made available in restaurants nearby for local folks to enjoy without going out since not everybody can afford to go places. Business owners are trying to bring special foods right to the comfort of people's own places.

In Tuscany, cuisines are made simple yet delectable and sumptuous making the Italian region a hub for uniquely flavored foods for the locals and the tourists to feast in. If you want to learn Tuscan cooking, there are cooking schools in the place to go to where they teach you to prepare Tuscan foods the Tuscan way. Tuscan foods are very special such that they must be prepared the right way to bring out the flavor of each dish and smell the exact blend of the aroma.

Tuscan cooking schools offer courses to enrich cooking style aptly the Tuscan way. Nowadays, there are plenty of formal cooking centers and institutions open to regular enrollees. Tourists go to Tuscany not only to have fun in the place but to also learn how to cook simple and luscious Tuscan dishes. These Tuscan dishes are usually white truffles, vegetable soup or the ribollita, donzelle, loaf fried in olive oil, and crema paradise or creamed bacon. Beef and pork of high quality are made use in hosts of Tuscan cuisines.

A proper Tuscan meal is comprised of bread, legumes, cheese, crisp vegetables and mushrooms. It must also be accompanied with fruits that are fresh in season. Tuscan dishes are now infused with these variations to create cuisines that are more interesting and unforgettable. Olive oil serves as the base of almost all Tuscan dishes for its sumptuous aroma and distinct flavor. Olive oils are squeezed from fresh Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccino olives. The use of olives has been perfected by the locals of Tuscany to make it more palatable.

Italian people, not only in the region of Tuscany, are day by day loving Tuscan cuisines. Tuscan cuisines are so popular that even Tuscan chefs are generous enough in teaching the secrets of cooking these dishes. Tuscan cooking has definitely grown to be an art of savory treat.

For your vacation in Tuscany we suggest you try cooking courses at Santa Cristina Castle in Bolsena Lake, the perfect place to experience all the magic of the Italian cuisine.

Santa Cristina's XVII Century Castle lies in a strategic position at the crossroads with Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany, ten minutes drive north of Lake Bolsena, only 3 km away from Grotte di Castro, a fascinating ancient village of Etruscan origin suspended on top of a rocky outcrop. Just below and adjacent to the Castle, a typical XVIII Century farmhouse, and a large granary have been carefully restored to offer four picturesque cottages and two grand apartments all providing comfortable and typical Italian rustic accommodation.