Easy Cooking Recipes - Because Cooking is For Everybody

Few days ago I was talking with a good friend and we discussed about fast food and home cooking. I premise that cooking is one of my passions and therefore I strongly supported home cooking. My friend asked me why people do not cook much nowadays. I thought about it for few seconds, during that time long days spent at work and busy lives came to mind but then I suddenly realized the real reason why people do not cook. There is a lack of "easy cooking recipes".

What I call easy cooking recipes are some simple recipes that can be followed by anybody. Too often we turn on the television and we see some Tv program showing some famous cook which is preparing a meal which without any doubt will be delicious but it also requires various assistants, some tools that probably nobody (in a normal house) has most importantly it requires a couple of hours. The same happens when we look for some recipe on Internet, we open the webpage containing the recipe and we immediately get headache...

No wonder people eat always more often at fast foods, those people have been scared to death, they believe that cooking requires some sort of special skills or magic art. Unfortunately that kind of beliefs are totally wrong, cooking it is easy, it is fun and it is very rewarding.

At this point most of you will think: ok, maybe you are right but it requires time and we don't have any in our busy lives. Don't be scared, this is another misconception that must be challenged. You are right, until not long ago it was very difficult to find recipes that were easy, quick and that we could enjoy cooking. Now, thanks to the Internet and to a couple of bloggers, it is much easier to find those recipes.