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Easy Cooking Recipes For Everyone   by Pecanty Later

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Trend of easy cooking recipes is increasing day-to-day and folks specially working ladies and house wives consider easy recipes they will prepare in breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner to save lots of efforts and also maintaining cook. In this information I've attempt to share many of healthy, fast and delicious cooking recipes with respect to particular meals that almost any person can prepare as part of their kitchen.

Breakfast Recipes


French Bread Pizza: Pizza is a form of food which hardly gets avoided. You can prepare fast and simple bread pizza within 5 minutes. With steady internet a french bread loaf, vegetables for pizza (add whatever you decide to like), crushed cheddar cheese and pizza sauce or ketchup. Make toppings on bread slices because you do for normal pizza sprinkle some oregano allow it exactly same aroma and also heat in microwave for one minute to melt cheese and you are obviously done.

Garlic Bread: Hot crisp garlic bread is usually a healthy easy cooking recipe enjoying. Use a loaf of French bread then make the grade into slices, make topping with butter, minced garlic, salt, parsley and parmesan mixture. Bake for just 3-5 minutes until crisp and serve hot.

Lunch Recipes


Singapore Noodles: Noodles with veggies and meat be a complete meal having all required nutrition. These Singapore Noodles have decided with veggies, shrimp and rice noodles with seasoning of some sauces and spices. And obtain cooking veggies including onion, bell pepper and peas with flavor of ginger garlic, chicken broth, curry powder, oyster sauce, sugar, salt and pepper then cook for 5-8 minutes. Next mix with boiled noodles and fried shrimps. Yummy healthy noodles are then happy to be served.

Mediterranean Chicken: This recipe is prepared with boneless chicken strips, onion, bell pepper and seasoning of salt and pepper with Italian herbs aroma. This Mediterranean chicken is ready in 2 steps; first cook chicken with salt, pepper and oil then cook veggies with oil and herbs then combine with chicken. Within the future . good taste when served hot with boiled rice.

Snacks Recipes


Chocolate Cake In Microwave: It’s a 5 minute recipe for an individual, for anybody who is dying you eat chocolate cake as there are no who cares you simply need to combine ingredients in the large coffee cup and microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power. The components include, flour, egg, coco, sugar, vanilla and milk.

Cheese Croquettes: Take completed white sauce but ensure it ought to be thick like honey. Then add activity cheese like gruyere and parmesan alongside seasoning of oregano, pepper and salt. Then spread the batter for a wide dish and allow it to cool till it sets then cut into strips. Wrap the strips to create 3-4 inch elongated shape thereafter coat with bread crumbs and fry till golden brown in color. Delicious cheese croquettes will be ready be served with ketchup.

Dinner Recipes


Country Fried Steak Recipe: This beef steak recipe is ready just as fried chicken except you will find slight difference in ingredients. Make dry mixture using flour, pepper, salt and paprika dust beef steak with dry mixture then dip in butter milk and fry till it can be tender and brown. Serve with either cream of mushroom soup topping or with Spanish rice.

Spanish Rice Recipe: This easy rice recipe is prepared with boiled rice, peppers, onion and tomato. Cook veggies first in oil with tomato juice and seasoning and next combine it with boiled rice.