How to Cook Barbecue Chicken

Around the world a backyard barbecue has become the focal point of many a dinner party. While the women stay in the kitchen organising salads, often the main retreat outdoors, glass of beer or wine in hand, to discuss how to cook barbecue to perfection on the outdoor grill. Yet while it seems many men know how to cook barbecue steak and sausages, very few men know exactly how to cook barbecue chicken in a manner that pleases all their guests.

When many people think of how to cook barbecue chicken, they immediately ponder what the 11 secret herbs and spices may entail! The fact is that there does not need to be any secret as to how to cook barbecue chicken to perfection because you need only to consider two steps: the preparation and the cooking.

When learning how to cook barbecue chicken, the first thing to remember is that the marinade or the sauce that is used while cooking is extremely important. Whatever the basis of the sauce, be it the tomato, barbecue or Chilly base, USA fits to leave chicken steaks marinating in it overnight. This provides plenty of opportunity for the meat to absorb the beautiful taste of sauce, and this taste will not been dissipated during the cooking process.

Another time-honoured secret of how to cook barbecue chicken is to slice the chicken into steaks, then cover the stakes in your preference of spices, we exotic tastes such shares paprika, Chilly, garlic and ginger providing an exciting and tenderising surface to the chicken steak.

However, the most important aspect when considering how to cook barbecue chicken is the cooking method itself. One of my favourite methods is to slice the chicken breast into steaks, then lightly and gently cooking the steaks on the outdoor grill surface. Some prefer the barbeque rotisserie and if you know how to cook barbecue and rotisserie style then you can generally be assured of a succulent and extremely healthy barbecue chicken meal.