Marinades in Chinese Cooking Recipes - A Quick Marinade


Marinades are usually liquids you use on meats and vegetables before the cooking process. Many times this is done some time in advance up to a few days before the meal. Other times it is prepared just half an hour before you prepare one of your Chinese cooking recipes.

Flavoring Marinades

There are a few types of marinades you can use that do one of a few things. The flavoring marinade is to add flavor to the meat. In many Chinese cooking recipes this can be soy sauce, teriyaki sauce or other sauce such as fish, oyster or Hunan. Placing the meat in the liquid for anywhere from half an hour to overnight will flavor the meat. You can then add the meat and liquid all at once or take out the meat and just add it.

Quick Thick Marinade

One of my Chinese cooking recipes calls for a marinade that creates its own type of breading on the meat. It is one of the Chinese cooking recipes I use quite a bit. It coats the meat with a thick sauce that when cooked in a pan with a little oil creates a tasty skin on the meat.

Chinese Cooking Recipes Quick Marinade

It is suggested that this be done overnight or about 8 hours before you use it. It will still come out good if done only 30 minutes before cooking.


- 2 tablespoons of soy sauce

- 1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce