Risk Free Turkey Meals and Snacks

Safe Preparation and Cooking Tips

Turkeys Are generally Roasting At a faster rate Compared to the Previous years.

Cooking meat has become much easier over the years. Making sure that the meat is cooked thoroughly remains a very important issue. When you use a meat thermometer, you will be able to ensure that the meat is cooked right to the inner core which will eliminate the possibility of all the harmful bacteria from surviving. You will also reduce the chances of overcooking the meat.

The time frame that is needed for cooking a turkey should be adjusted after taking into consideration the following preparation requirements:

When a turkey is thawed completely, it will require less cooking time than a turkey that has been partially thawed.

Dark colored roasting pans take less time to cook meat than glossy roasting pans.

A roasting pan that is deep does not allow the air to flow all the way around the meat which makes the cooling time longer than a shallow roasting pan would be.

When an aluminum foil cover is used throughout the whole time, it will slow roasting.

Use the lid to accelerate the cooking time.

A cooking pouch is another alternative when you need to decrease the cooking time frame, making the turkey cook faster.

A turkey that is stuffed takes longer to prepare and cook.